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Our mission is clear:

To design software to enable authors to self-publish professional quality, interactive eBooks inexpensively, empowering them to retain more profit

Bookenberg: Our first release is here!


Bookenberg is a web based app that helps authors to develop eBooks intuitively through templates. Authors may add engaging, creative, interactive content to their stories themselves without the need to hire a software developer.

Bookenberg: How-to video

(video in italian language)

Bookenberg Features include:

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    eBook authoring web tool

    Bookenberg is a web-based authoring tool to make ebooks. No software to download but your book ready to read.

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    Choice of Template

    Fiction or poetry, get a professionally looking ebook using one of the many available book templates in our marketplace.

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    ePub Output

    Read your masterpiece on smartphones, tablets and PCs.
    Bookenberg compiles your book in ePub 3.0 for maximum portability.

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    Designer Marketplace

    High quality ebook designs, for smartphones or tablets, in easy to use templates. Sell your professional-grade template to authors in the bookenberg marketplace.

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    Easy Workflow

    Streamlined ebook production workflow, step-by-step. Our workflow fits your needs.

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    Royalty free, Freemium model

    No royalty to share, you keep your copyrights. We do NOT distribute your ebook.

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