A little bit about us

JUJO™, Inc., was founded by Antonio Gentile. JUJO™ participates in the Information and Communications Technologies (ICT), Digital publishing, and Self-publishing through its new platform “Bookenberg“.
The mission of JUJO™ is to free authors from any constraints separating them from their intended audience and the entertainment capabilities of new devices.

Bookenberg is a brand new web service originally thought by Antonio Massara and Antonio Gentile in March 2012. Bookenberg is a web application to create multimedia, interaction enhanced eBooks that fully exploit the capabilities of the latest generations of tablets and mobile devices. Professional grade templates, made available in the platform by the large and growing community of web designers and user experience architects replace what today requires the intermediation with third party graphics designers and web programmers.

eBooks written with Bookenberg will be:

  • Downloaded in ePub3 format, ready for uploading and publishing in any of the existing distribution platform;
  • Readable on every mobile device equipped with an ePub Reader app (these apps are usually free), or inside the digital libraries of the largest distributors, like Amazon and Apple, B &N, etc. 

Our Team

Antonio Gentile – Founder & CEO

Antonio Gentile is an associate professor at the Department of Computer Engineering of the University of Palermo. He holds a Ph.D in Computer Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology (USA) and a Ph.D in Computer Science from the University of Palermo.
Since 2009, Antonio is CEO of InformAmuse S.r.l., a spin-off of the University of Palermo founded with Antonio Massara and several of Bookenberg developers.
InformAmuse has been a successful start-up operating in the area of ICT for cultural heritage fruition, developer of a number of state-of-the-art apps for iOS and Android for some of the most beautiful location in Sicily.
The company has also developed a proprietary IP for voiced-based navigation of 3D worlds and a web-based platform, QRouteMETM, integrating mobile and interactive kiosks access to cultural, marketing, and promotional contents in large trade shows and events. The system also allows for inexpensive proactive wayfinding in indoor environments.
QRouteMe has been successfully employed in the past three years in some of the largest wine and food trade shows in Europe (Vinitaly, ProWein, FruitLogistica).
Recently, InformAmuse has been awarded grants by the Italian Ministry of Education for over $3.3M to develop three projects in the area of cultural heritage fruition. One of these projects, termed BookAlive ($1.4M), will be conducted in partenership with Jujo.
An active member of the international research community, Antonio has coauthored more than a hundred research publications and his interests are in the areas of human computer interaction and computer architecture.

Antonio Massara – CCO

Antonio was a successful marketing manager in Sicilian wine business from 1991 to 2004. He also was one of the main character of a brilliant Management by Out of his company, in 2001.
After he became a novels author (four long novels and 8 shorts by now), a photographer and a marketing consultant for several big wine cellar in south Italy.
In 2009 followed Antonio Gentile in founding InformAmuse S.r.l. and designing several cultural heritage and travel guide app on iOS, developing text, voice commentaries and images for those apps.
He also developed the strategic vision of QRouteMe, an engaging ITC system to improve the commercial and promotional items for Fair and Mall visitors/clients.
This application was successfully sold to Sicilian Wine Institute to improve promotion in Vinitaly Verona Fair for three consecutive years. Antonio is also an accomplished eBook author, and since 2012 has published his ebooks on Amazon, iBooks, and Smashwords .Since 2013, Antonio leads a branch of InformAmuse (The Authors Era) aimed at engaging authors in self digital publishing through workshops and seminars. He has also designed some of the eBook templates currently available on Bookenberg.

Tom Jurgensen – Secretary of the Board; Optima Law Group, APC

Tom Jurgensen, Chief Executive Officer of Optima Law Group, APC, brings more than eighteen years of experience in technology-based and corporate law to his pioneering practice. He serves as one of Jujo’s Directors and Secretary of the BoD.
With a unique ability to place scientific issues into a business context, Mr. Jurgensen is often called upon to provide guidance related to business development, transactional and corporate partnering matters in addition to his strategic, legal work.
Before moving to San Diego, Mr. Jurgensen was Intellectual Property Counsel to 3M Corporation and an Associate in the Minneapolis law office of Merchant and Gould.

Steve Breitman – CFO

Steve Breitman is a CFO with a CEO perspective. Steve serves as CFO for Jujo. His hands-on work in operations management sets him apart from other accountants and gives him the in-depth business understanding needed to guide his clients to success.
Steve’s calling card is using numbers to create competitive advantage. By establishing simple, yet foundational, systems Steve keeps his clients from leaving money on the table, increases cash flow and promotes profitable growth.
Steve trained as a CPA and has 28 years of accounting, financial and operational management experience. He graduated from the University of Texas at Austin, Magna Cum Laude, with a BBA in Accounting. Steve’s career path led him to work in public accounting and to hold a variety of management positions including CFO, Regional Controller, Corporate Director of Management Reporting, Executive Director and Regional Manager.
He had management responsibility for 6 business sites with 175 employees and $20 million in revenue as well as reporting responsibility for 25 business sites with $120 million in revenue. Steve gives back to the community by volunteering his time.
He serves as the Past Chairman of the Better Business Bureau Boulder Advisory Board, is a Board Member of the Better Business Bureau Foundation and is a volunteer consultant for the Small Business Development Center.

Massimo M Romano – UX/UI Designer

Massimo has more than 25 years of experience creating and managing identity programs,print and web projects, for a variety of small to medium businesses. In the last few years, he has been collaborating in developing user interfaces for some new(not yet released) software applications.

Development Team

The following computer engineers in Palermo, Italy, have largely contributed to the development of the platform, and Jujo intends to retain their services:

  • Antonella Santangelo, Ph.D.  Senior platform developer

  • Dario Pirrone, Ph.D.  Senior platform developer

  • Giuseppe Russo, Ph.D.  Senior knowledge engineer

  • Eleonora Trumello  Senior platform developer

  • Vito Gentile  Platform developer (external consultant)

  • Angela Bentivegna  EBook designer

  • Gioacchino Vaiana  Template developer (external consultant)

  • Maurizio Schifano  Template designer (external consultant)

Professional Services

The following are individuals and companies that have been, or will be, engaged by the Company. A full list of outsourced services and professionals is available upon request.

Optima Law Group, APC

Optima Law Group, APC provides intellectual property, corporate, securities, transactional and regulatory legal counsel to companies seeking collaborative, personalized service.

Jason Webb – Webb IP Law Group

Jason P. Webb is a respected and registered Patent Attorney providing legal services to clients regarding intellectual property acquisitions, licensing, and early stage enforcement.
The Webb IP Law Group is experienced in identifying and protecting intellectual property, including securing patent protection on new technology, protecting branding and business activities with federal trademark registrations, locking down federal protection for creative works with copyright registrations, and developing trade secret strategies and procedures designed to protect their client’s rights against those who would unfairly profit from their ingenuity and creativity.
Jason has a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Physics with an emphasis in Computer Modeling and a Minor in Mathematics. Jason has drafted hundreds of patent applications and has developed comprehensive strategies for companies to capitalize on their IP, including protecting foreign rights in areas of Asia and Europe as well as others.

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