Bookenberg vs. iBooks Author

There are several differences between Bookenberg and iBooks Author. The first is the most obvious: Bookenberg is an online service, while iBooks Author, as a local application, must be installed on your computer. Secondly, iBooks is exclusive to the Mac. Bookenberg, on the other hand, can be accessed from any browser (though Chrome is recommended) […]

5 useful steps in creating an eBook

If you have a written text and want to make an eBook, you are already ahead of the game. But to be fair, it will takes a little more patience, some know-how, and time to understand how to construct an eBook that is worthy of your creation. 1 – EXPANDING YOUR VISION First, it may […]

American Diary

A complete report of January Jujo founder travel in Usa, here in the Antonio Massara’s Blog. The posts are written in italian, but we are confident we’ll have them in english soon.

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