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EmergingSeries Journal is published using JuJo’s Bookenberg, an e-publishing software that we believe is the most suitable to convey our studies on digital and connected forms.

Bookenberg can generate an open hypertext full of examples, photos, videos, links, a mix between magazine, book, and blog, allowing us to offer our readers a thorough read within a rich and engaging experience.

EmergingSeries Journal is a semi annual academic magazine born in the “Cinema and media” department of the University of Palermo, Italy, and edited by prof. Simone Arcagni.

The journal focuses on the new forms of web native digital storytelling and pays particular attention to the concept of “series” as specific language for the web fiction storytelling in which it is possible to create wider narrative environments where texts are constructed as episodes or according to the structure of the database.

Special attention is given to web series and web docs, but our aim is on other forms of narratives on mobile device and online storytelling (tutorial, interactive fiction, data visualization, storytelling, locative media storytelling, Augmented Reality, storytelling and gaming, serial, etc…)

EmergingSeries is based on a multidisciplinary approach to semiotics, sociology, forms of narrative, film and media studies, and Internet studies.

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