Our Vision

Business model

We believe the digital publishing market is approaching a disintermediation phase, similar to what we have already seen for the music market. In this scenario, an increasing number of indipendent authors found they social ways to propose and promote their novels.


In the same way, an increasing number of adv, promotion and content agencies and companies are looking for new mobile media to engage their targets. Jujo believe that this new media is the multimedia and interactive ebook, which Bookenberg identify as a Digraph.

There are several distribution platforms in the market, and reader community too. But the production of an engaging ebook is expensive, and authors have not the skills needed to make too. Bookenberg is the solution: a web application, open to authors and creatives, to make fully interactive ebooks in a simple and intuitive way through template, professionally designed by user designer which propose and sell them in the platform.

Bookenberg is open to publishers too. They can realize custom template in Bookenberg, managing the workflow in a single cost saving web platform.

Jujo is launching a new way to create synergies between different arts

such as literature, movie making, photography and music aimed at creating new digital objects for culture dissemination: this multidisciplinary convergence is embedded in the large number and variety of professionally designed templates, encapsulating, graphics and UX design at once.

The platform is available on the web, allowing remote access from every computer, regardless of the OS used. The templates are developed with ad-hoc and dedicated output for all major eBook readers.

This new, web-based platform outdates the current models in the market place, and provides the Company an exclusive edge in the market, the potential for massive revenue globally as the research dictates, and a return on investment (ROI) for its stakeholders.

Market Opportunity

In essence, the entire business model that has been driving the publishing industry for the past 500 years is today in a deep crisis, because it has changed itself so rapidly that the main players (i.e. the publishers) have not been able to adapt quickly enough. In the following figure, a simplified picture of this outdated publishing business model is depicted.

Likely, what is going on for this segment is the same that occurred to other similar business models, completely disrupted by the Internet revolution: most of the business intermediation is being canceled by the Internet global marketplace. This is an opportunity.

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